Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has been my adopted home since the early 2000s, when my family moved from the Netherlands to a small town located on edge of Minas Basin, an inlet of the Bay of Fundy. I never actually lived here, because I was off to a college in the U.S., but I love visiting this beautiful part of the world.

Minas Basin, Google Satellite (2020)

The basin is known for it’s extremely high tides, up to 16 meters (52ft)! The entrance to Minas Basin is a deep channel; at mid-tide, the current is approximately 4 cubic kilometers per hour, which equates to the flow of all big rivers combined. Each incoming tide into Minas Basin brings with it 14 billion tons of seawater. For an excellent thread, photos and references on Minas Basin, please click here.

Minas Basin, Nova Scotia (2019)
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